IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2011-04-18

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  • Todd Cooper
  • Cor Loef
  • Steve Moore
  • Bruce Curran
  • Joan McMillen
  • Lisa Spellman


  • No quorum - defer to next meeting
  • Update on IHE-Korea 2011 Connectathon Plans
  • Todd displayed slides regarding the testing of the XDS profile at the Korean connectathon
  • Good coverage by vendors on the repository and consumer side but only 1 vendor for the document registry (UCareSoft) and Patient Identity Source (INFINITT) actors
  • Can test with only 1 vendor however there are some pitfalls
  • UCare would not be allowed to test their document consumer and document repository with the registry since they would be testing against themselves
  • Run the risk of the profile failing if UCare fails
  • Update on Face to Face Meeting
  • Verify with Chris Carr, but believe this meeting will take place at NIST on June 7 -8 at NIST in Washington D.C.

Next call: April 25, 10:00am-11:30am CDT

Testing and Tools Committee