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Google Groups Related to IHE Patient Care Devices

The IHE Patient Care Devices Domain is using Google Groups to provide a convenient way to manage email lists and also to provide convenient web access to the archived history of emails related to the topical areas of the group.

The first column contains the name of the Google Group, the second column is a link that takes you to a web page showing the most recent posts to the group (or, if you are not a member of the group yet, a form you may use to request membership), and the third column can be used to send an email to the group which will also be listed on the forum page.

IHE PCD (ACM) Alarm Communication Management WG ihe-pcd-acm web page mailto:ihe-pcd-acm@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Retrospective Data Query(RDQ) [formally Asynchronous Data Query - ADQ] ihe-pcd-rdq web page mailto:pcd-rdq-wg@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Connectathon & Showcase CN/Showcase web page web page mailto:ihepcdconnectathon@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Device Point-of-Care Integration (DPI) WG ihe-pcd-dpi web page mailto:ihe-pcd-dpi@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD ICE-PAC ihe-pcd-icepac web page mailto:ihe-pcd-icepac@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Implantable Device Cardiac Observation (IDCO) WG ihe-pcd-idco-wg web page mailto:ihe-pcd-idco-wg@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Infusion Pump WG ihe-pcd-infusion-pump web page mailto:ihe-pcd-infusion-pump@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Medical Equipment Management (MEM) Profile WG ihe-pcd-mem web page mailto:ihe-pcd-mem@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD MEM Device Management Communication ihe-pcd-mem-dmc web page mailto:ihe-pcd-mem-dmc@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Planning Committee ihepcdplan web page mailto:ihepcdplan@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Point-of-care Identity Management (PCIM) WG ihe-pcd-pcim-wg web page mailto:ihe-pcd-pcim-wg@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Pulse Oximetry WG ihe-pcd-pulse-oximetry web page mailto:ihe-pcd-pulse-oximetry@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Rosetta Terminology Mapping WG ihe-pcd-rtm web page mailto:ihe-pcd-rtm@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD RTM Ventilator Terminology Task Group ihe-pcd-rtm-vent web page mailto:ihe-pcd-rtm-vent@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Technical Committee ihepcdtech web page mailto:ihepcdtech@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Technical Framework WG ihe-pcd-tech-framework web page mailto:ihe-pcd-tech-framework@googlegroups.com
IHE PCD Waveform Communication Management (WCM) WG ihe-pcd-wcm web page mailto:ihe-pcd-wcm@googlegroups.com
pcdcomments (comment on Public Comment doccuments pcdcomments web page mailto:pcdcomments@googlegroups.com
Rosetta Terminology Mapping Management (RTMMS) Service rtmms web page mailto:rtmms@googlegroups.com
IHE DEV PCH Planning & Technical Committee ihe-pch-subdomain web page mailto:ihe-pch-subdomain@googlegroups.com

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