IHE Domain Coordination Committee Teleconference Minutes 2013-03-26

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  • Paul Bralower - Dental
  • Juergen Branstaetter - Pharmacy
  • Chris Carr - RSNA
  • Tom Dolan - Cardio
  • La Shawn Edwards - RSNA
  • Mary Jungers - Doc Specialist
  • Flora Lum - Eye Care
  • Kevin O'Donnell - Radiology
  • Edie Okoroigwe - CAP
  • Amber Sims - RO
  • Karen Witting - ITI


General Committee Business

1. Roll Call

2. Approval of March 12 Minutes

  • Motion: Approve as published. Carried with two abstentions.

3. New Business: from Future Agenda Topics Page

  • Reinvigorating volunteers to get better document reviews/quality
  • Radiology and QRPH have implemented Designated Reviewers policy that requires named committee members to provide comments on a given profile. Encourage all domains to adopt this policy.

4. Review Action Items List

Domain Announcements

1. Domain Milestone Dates

  • Radiology - Opening Public Comment
    • Invoke Image Display (IID) - Published 2013-03-15 - display of images in EMRs, non-radiology clients. Web invocation of display.
    • Management of Radiology Report Templates (MRRT) - Published 2013-03-15 - standard form of templates for inputting radiology reports and methods of sharing and management.
    • Scheduled Workflow.b (SWF.b) - Published 2013-03-15 - update of SWF profile to adopt HL7 2.5. Patient Information Reconciliation now folded into SWF. Original SWF/PIR will eventually be retired. Of interest to domains that adopted SWF model.
    • Stereotactic Mammography Image (SMI) - Published 2013-03-15 -
    • White Paper: Code Mapping in IHE Radiology Profiles - Published 2013-03-15 - how to map procedure codes into the ordering, acquisition, reporting process in radiology.
  • Deadline for comments: 2013-04-14
  • Input/feedback sought from imaging-related domains (Cardio, Eye Care, Dental, Rad Onc?, AP); ITI for IID
  • Cardiology - Opening Public Comment
    • Update to Cath Workflow in collaboration with IHE-J to cover IVI -
  • ITI - two profile drafts forthcoming for public comment
    • Patient Location Query -
    • Pull Notification for DSub -

2. Domain Board Reports

  • Reviewed schedule and method for tracking
  • Maintain set month for each domain to provide its annual report
  • Next reports due:
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Endoscopy
  • Anatomic Pathology

Domain Coordination Issues

  • Cross-Domain Strategic Planning Work Group
  • Domain survey
  • Revised questions included in version from 2013-03-12 minutes
  • Release to planning and tech co-chairs
  • Response date requested: April 1 - May 1 target period for comment
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to distribute survey message to group

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  • Documentation Work Group
  • Profile template feedback: as profile authors have issues with the template they should submit them using the form found here: http://www.ihe.net/ihetemplates.cfm.
  • Shared elements release: DWG is currently scheduling meeting to complete finalizing comments.

Governance Implementation

Next steps and New Actions Items

  • Next Call Tuesday April 9th 9:00am central time

Domain Coordination Committee