IHE Domain Coordination Committee Teleconference Agenda 2011-09-13

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General Committee Business

1. Roll Call see Roster

2. Approval of August 30 Minutes (5 min - all)

3. New Business: from Future Agenda Topics Page (10 min - Chris Carr)

  • time to pull another item forward? had agreed to monthly. review list.
  • NameSpace (in progress/defer til after tcon - Teri Sippel)

4. Review Action Items List (defer until after offline review - Teri Sippel)

Domain Announcements

  • reminder - follow the link above for simple templates for announcements

1. Domain Milestone Dates

  • Cardiology
    • Calling for work item proposals
      • Deadline: 2011-09-19
      • Final Selection: 2011-11-27

2. Domain Board Reports (10 min - Karen Witting)

Domain Coordination Issues

  • Cross-Domain Strategic Planning Work Group (defer - Chris Carr)
  • defer until after next tcon
  • Process: Wiki Domain update pages (10 min - Teri Sippel)
  • While your are updating Calendars on wiki Domain schedule pages, update the Domain Milestones Dates page (which you will recall is the input to the Documentation Publication Schedule)

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  • Documentation Work Group (15 min - Teri Sippel Schmidt)
  • Templates going to DCC Comment by all Domains on Aug 31st, see [| Template List]
  • All domains are expected to provide two detailed reviews on every document
  • Comments due Sept 30, 2011
  • Need to begin new initiative to complete all Content Module (Supplement, Vol 3, etc) and other outstanding sections of Templates (there are 6 more outstanding documents yet; will then go through additional DCC review cycle; do not underestimate the amount of work still outstanding...

Governance Implementation

Next steps and New Actions Items

  • Next Call Sept 27th, 2011

Domain Coordination Committee