IHE Domain Coordination Committee Meeting Minutes 2011-02-01

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  • Laura Bright - PCC Tech
  • Rick Butler - Eyecare TC
  • Chris Carr - RSNA
  • Didi Davis - QRPH
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo - RSNA
  • Rob Horn - ITI Tech
  • Michael McCoy, MD - PCC
  • Joan McMillen - RSNA
  • Mike Nusbaum - ITI
  • Kevin O'Donnell - Rad Plan
  • Amit Popat - QRPH
  • Sondra Renly - Lab
  • Celina Roth - HIMSS
  • Teri Sippel Schmidt - Tech Proj Mgt
  • Antje Schroeder - Card Tech
  • Lisa Spellman - HIMSS
  • Karen Witting - ITI Plan

Missing domains: Anatomic Pathology (1 month), Patient Care Devices (1 month), Pharmacy (1 month)


General Committee Business

1. Roll Call see Roster

2. Minutes Review and Approval

  • Motion: Approve minutes. Jan 4 minutes approved with three abstentions. Jan. 25 minutes approved unanimously.

3. New Business: from Future Agenda Topics Page

  • The ftp site is currently being used as a repository for Technical Framework documents. Where should folks place finalized WSDL/XSD XML artifacts that the document references?

DocumentPublication ftp site

--Mjungers 19:27, 16 November 2010 (UTC)

  • LOINC "Document Name" (Type) Code activities (FYI)
    • This is just a heads-up due to potential relevancy to several IHE Domains. I didn't have time to take good notes.
    • They created an ontology for naming documents based on analysis of a huge database of hospital documents
    • Naming based on a numer of "Axes" such as:
      • Role - who originated the document,
      • Setting - Setting of Care like Inpatient, Outpatient, ED, Clinic,
      • Type of Service - like Consultation, Discharge Summary
      • Kind of Doc - general organization, e.g. Note
    • Use the above to construct a loinc name by choosing values from enumerated list
      • Name must have a KIND and at least one of the other four axes
    • Search for "Document Ontology" on LOINC.org
    • Format/encoding of the document is not in the name, it's a separate characteristic
    • Considerable involvement by Columbia U and the VA
    • Still open to additions/changes to the enumerated lists and axis definitions

4. Review Action Items List

Domain Announcements

1. Domain Milestone Dates

  • ITI, PCC and QRPH meeting Feb. 7-10 in Toronto
  • Committees posting their agendas on their Wikis
  • General communique forthcoming to all domains regarding general logistics, meal schedule, etc.
  • Dinner meeting on CDA sold out; Keith Boone will be featured speaker

Domain Coordination Issues

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  • Review revisions to profile supplement template
  • Discuss vol. 1 template

Governance Implementation

  • Cross-domain Strategic Work Group (Todd Cooper, John Rhoads, Mike Nusbaum, Karen Witting, Kevin O'Donnell, Chris Carr
  • Call to plan discussion items for IHE Intl Board Meeting
  • Tues., Feb. 15, 3-4pm CT

Next steps and New Actions Items

Next teleconference: February 15, 9-10:30am CST

Domain Coordination Committee