IHE DEV DPI 2021-02-19 Web Meeting

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(Device Point-of-Care Interoperability Program home)

Participants: Ken Fuchs (Co-Chair), Todd Cooper (Program Manager), Javier Espina, John Garguilo, John Rhoads, Michael Faughn, David Gregorczyk, Peter Kranach, Wouter Peeters, Jan Rizzuto, Steve Griffiths, Koi Matsumoto

Regrets: None

Agenda & Discussion Notes - 2021.02.19

  • Welcome & Roll Call & Agenda Review
- Note: This meeting was held in parallel with the | Gemini SDPi+FHIR Friday call - more complete meeting notes are on that page
  • Topics Requiring DPI Program Action
- DECISION: Recommendation of the draft MDIRA Detailed Profile Proposal (DPP) for circulation to the IHE Devices domain members for formal review & approval.
  • Todd led the group through a review of the draft MDIRA DPP document | IHE_DEV_Profile_Proposal_-_Detailed_MDIRA_2021.02.19A.pdf
  • Group discussed various parts of the document and some minor edits were made during the session (reflected in the version linked above)
  • MOTION (John Rhoads / John Garguilo) Approve sending this MDIRA DPP to IHE Devices domain for formal approval
- Unanimous Approval
  • DPI Program Meeting Schedule Discussion
- Topic not addressed - will be discussed by the group virtually or in a future call
- Intent is to have a monthly DPI Program call, typically as part of the SDPi Friday web calls to minimize duplicative meeting space!
  • New Business
- No New Meetings

Next Meetings:

  • Next meeting not scheduled