IHE DEV DPI 2020-10-22 Web Meeting

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(Device Point-of-Care Interoperability Program home)

Participants: Ken Fuchs, Todd Cooper, Al Engelbert, Christophe Fournier, Peter Kranich, John Rhoads, John Garguilo, Michael Faughn

Regrets: No regrets!

Agenda & Discussion Notes - 2020.10.22

  • Welcome & Roll Call & Agenda Review
- Agenda topics reviewed and approved as circulated
  • IHE DEV DPI Program Update & Discussion
- IHE DEV Co-Chair Nominees Confirmed
  • Congratulations to Ken Fuchs and Stefan Schlichting for being confirmed as IHE Devices co-chairs representing the DPI Program!
- Gemini SDPi+FHIR General
- SDPi Profiles Update
- SES RCC/MH TR Update
  • Ken reviewed an update slide deck on the TR presented to ISO/TC 215 WG2 earlier this week
  • See WG2 briefing slides RCC-MH WG2 Update 2020-10-07 v1.7 to be posted on the SES RCC-MH TR Confluence page
- SES MDI TR Update
  • Primary focus on this topic has been the IEEE 11073-1070x PKP standards + integration with discussions at the TC215 / TC62 levels
  • Update on the TR concept will be presented to ISO/IEC JWG7 on October 27th - the PWI has been moved to that group
  • Once primary SDPi Supplement drafting is complete, then work on the TR will resume in earnest
- Test & Tooling Update
  • Discussions continue regarding how to support pre-CAT and CAT (and ultimately IHE CA) testing going into 2021
  • There is a CA & Tooling team that meets twice a month
  • Discussions continue regarding how to advance IHE SDPi+FHIR connectivity in 2021 using PAT / CAT & Workshops, educational events, etc.
- Group reviewed the IHE USA / NA CAT 21 Proposal presented yesterday to IHE T&T and that will be subsequently forwarded to IHE International Board for final approval
- Proposed schedule was challenging (and not clearly necessary) for opening registration in November, closing in January and holding the event in early March for an August Showcase -
- For SDPi ... this is further challenging given the timeline for publication of the TI version of the supplement + tooling development
- Also the proposed $$$ for the 100% virtual event (commensurate with previous years' pricing) is a challenge, both because it is virtual + for a new group of SDPi adopters without a clear market demand (near term ... like 2021) it is hard to justify
- This will be discussed further in the November DPI meeting + feedback provided to IHE T&T and deployment committee leadership
- There are numerous alternatives that IHE DEV DPI Program could pursue including greater use of PAT & workshops & educational events + an independent CAT event, at least for 20201, that could be done at a much lower cost and engage a broader group of participants.
  • General Work Program & Roadmap Review
- End-of-Year Planning
  • SDPi Supplement Review for IHE DEV Internal circulation - Mid-November
  • SDPi Supplement Review for Public Comment - Mid-December
  • SDPi Supplement final TI publication - end January 2021
  • 2021 Roadmap Planning
- No specific roadmap discussion - deferred to next meeting
- ...
  • New Business
- No new business

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