IHE DCC Documentation Work Group Teleconference Minutes 2010-12-09

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  • Chris Carr
  • Mary Jungers
  • Steve Moore
  • Kevin O'Donnell
  • John Rhoads
  • Karen Witting


  • TF internal linking project update and next steps
  • Chris Carr to investigate licenses for Adobe Acrobat Pro and Evermap Autobookmark
  • Chris and Mary Jungers to test process of generating linked documents
  • Define method for publishing the link files
  • Chris and Mary to publish ITI document set first
  • Chris and Mary to define process on how to publish documents so that users can link to current version and link to specific revision #
  • Chris to investigate capabilities of new CMS
  • Karen W to write instructions on how to reference Technical Framework documents, including using internal links
  • Profile/TF Template update and next steps
  • Develop agreed upon outline for Volume 1: the main area of discrepancies in section descriptions
  • Current supplement template references TF, but there is no consistent structure to reference
  • Mary has developed a comparison of current PCC and general templates
  • Consider having new domains publish a skeleton TF container to create a "target" for profile supplements; include context explanation as to why the TF is initially empty
  • Need to start with an outline for discussion: see notes in template comparison document
  • Compare content from existing domain TFs (eg, ITI, Radiology, PCC)
  • Author Training documentation and webinar planning
  • Advanced diagramming methods

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