Domain Secretaries Committee Teleconference Minutes 2011-12-15

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  • Sidrah Addul
  • Manny Furst
  • Chris Carr
  • La Shawn Edwards
  • Flora Lum


  • Advertising on IHE Web pages on Domain Sponsor Websites
  • ASTRO has included small vendor advertisements on its IHE-related Web pages. Sidrah and her colleagues have concerns about this approach and are asking for input from IHE.
  • The IHE Marketing Guidelines are very brief and offer no guidance on this subject.
  • Domain sponsors have considerable freedom in determining how to generate revenue to support IHE activities. One of their responsibilities, however, is to remain a neutral party with respect to the vendor community. It is a matter of judgment whether accepting advertising conflicts with that responsibility.
  • Questions about advertising and other marketing activities are the responsibility of the Marketing and Communications Committee. They could potentially add guidance to the Marketing Guidelines document on the subject of sponsors accepting advertising.
  • Chris Carr and Sidrah Abdul will put a discussion item on the agenda for the Weds., Jan. 4 (9:00 am CT) MarComm Committee call.
  • Reviewed input required from domains for IHE Intl Board strategic planning activity. All domains present have submitted their materials. Work Group will provide draft materials to domain co-chairs and secretaries for review.
  • New co-chairs
  • Chris will forward location of Wiki page with welcome information for new committee members
  • Next call Thursday, January 19, 2012

Domain Secretaries Committee