DEV SDPi WebEx 2019-11-21

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1) Initiating work on developing the SDPi profiles


Todd Cooper, Michael Faughn, Ken Fuchs, Eldon Metz, Monroe Patillo, Stefan Schlichting
Regrets: None

Discussion Notes

1) General update re. transitioning to SDPi Supplement Development
  • Initial approach is to have all four SDPi profiles integrated into a single IHE Profile Supplement document
- Plug&Play connectivity (SDPi), Reporting (SPDi-R), Alerting (SDPi-A) & external Controlling (SDPi-xC)
- NOTE: PRACical Device Interoperability (PnP, Reporting, Alerting & Controlling)
- Mary J. confirmed that there is precedence for this in IHE ...
- Especially when the profiles are closely related and intended to be advanced in parallel
- IF this doesn't prove optimal, the profiles can be broken into different documents down the line
  • Target 1.0 Draft for Public Comment: December 2019
2) Development Logistics
  • Creating a new Google email list (ihedevsdpi@)
  • Schedule two discussion drafting sessions - 2 hours each:
- November 26
- December 11
  • Create new set of wiki pages for SDPi profile development & meetings (like this page)
3) Additional DEV Domain-wide topics
  • SDPi Supplement development will also entail discussion around now to consolidate three subdomains (DPI, PCD & PCH) into a single IHE Devices Technical Framework
  • SDPi and PCH "Continua" both support device plug-and-play connectivity - so SDPi supplement development will also include a general IHE TF design pattern for this kind of connectivity.
- Note though that there are fundamental differences between the two, with SDPi being D2D PnP and Continua supporting a hub-n-spokes model
  • General discussion around what is a "device" and the related aspects such as regulatedness, users, technology, etc. should be created to communicate (internally and externally) the work of the domain + help guide the organization of the technical framework.
- Note that this might start as an IHE Devices white paper and then be moved via a CP to the TF-1 (as discussed in Boston 2019 meetings)
4) DPI & PCH subdomains
  • Note that both & PCHAlliance have become members of IHE International
  • No process exists, though, for qualifying formally new domain co-sponsors
  • CP for IHE Governance is being crafted and hopefully approved in the coming weeks to address this "gap" and finalize the two organizations as new IHE Devices domain co-sponsors

Action Items

  • (Todd) See items under (2) above.