Cross-Domain Strategic Planning Work Group Tcon Minutes 2010-10-25

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  • Chris Carr
  • Emmanuel Cordonnier
  • Mike Nusbaum
  • Kevin O'Donnell


  • Establishes personal liaisons with other domains and process to communicate
  • Other domains can submit work requests to ITI for needs they have
  • Breaks committee work into key themes and tracks profile development work in each theme area

  • Education Materials, Wiki Pages intended to guide technical framework development processes
  • The ways committees develop profiles has diverged--How to fix?
  • Document and ask compliance?
  • Establish liaison relationships (with ITI; among all domains)
  • Establish oversight group (like DICOM WG6, HL7 Architecture Review Board)
  • Could be multiple review groups, each one based on different base standards (this could cause more "silo" issues)
  • Early cross-domain or central review of proposed work items?
  • Strategic review of overall existing inventory of profiles at domain level and identify gaps/redundancies

  • Identification of Problems
  1. Uniformity of process and work output across committees
  2. Coordination of committee work items
  • Coordination work between ITI and clinical specialties
  • Coordination among clinical specialties (liaison between all committees

  • Potential Solutions for problem #1
  • Enhance education materials and process, including Wiki, Webinars and templates
  • Establish oversight body to enforce compliance (peer volunteer group or executive/expert review board)
  • Potential Solutions for problem #2
  • Expand domain liaison relationships to link specialties and ITI
  • Require early, substantive cross-domain review of supplement work proposals (could use Domain Coordination Committee)
  • Perform strategic review of existing portfolio of profiles and identify gaps and overlap (for possible consolidation)

Cross-Domain Strategic Planning Work Group