Cross-Domain Strategic Planning Work Group Tcon Agenda 2011-07-28

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  • Outstanding Action Items:

  • Action Item: Chris Carr to draft Charter section of Work Group home page based on minutes from December and February strategic board discussion. Mike Nusbaum will review and refine.
  • Kevin?: Propose adding more detail to Domain Board Report: profile proposals, strategic planning document, etc.
  • Action Item: Review matrix with domains that have expressed dissatisfaction with how it fits their work: Mike Nusbaum will reach out to PCC; Chris Carr will work with QRPH
  • Action Item: Work Group to review "Roadmap" page to refine mission statement language and suggest language for defining purposes of each category of profiles.

  • Next Call: August 25th, 9:30-10:30 CT

Cross-Domain Strategic Planning Work Group