Committee Rosters, Quorum and Voting

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Each Committee has a roster of members that records:

  • Each member organization participating in the committee
  • Whether the member organization currently has voting privileges
  • The name of one or more representatives for each member organization
  • An indication of which representative is the primary for that member organization (others are alternates)

Organizations are added to a roster when the primary contact for the member organization (specified when the organization joins IHE) sends an email to the relevant committee secretary and cochairs which identifies the name of their primary representative on that committee and (optionally) the names of any alternates.

Removal of organizations from a roster for lack of participation is not directly addressed, but the secretary may want to occasionally prune their roster for readability by delisting organizations that have not attended for over a year or something. Organizations can get back on the roster as described above.

The Committee Secretary is responsible for ensuring that:

  • A roster of committee members is maintained including individual names, organizations represented and voting status.
  • Minutes are recorded for each meeting where official committee business is conducted. The minutes should record attendance, votes taken and action items assigned.

Voting Privileges - Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) related to how voting privileges are gained, lost and re-gained according to the IHE Governance Document.

Collision Guidelines - IHE Board procedure for handling/avoiding multiple representatives from the same company.

Domain-Specific Variations