Collision Guidelines

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Proposed “Collision” Guidelines

The Governance specifies Seats on the Board for 5 types of Representatives:

  • Sponsor Reps: designated by each Sponsor
  • Domain Reps: designated by each Domain
  • Regional Reps: designated by each Region/Nation
  • Membership Reps: elected by the membership
  • Emeritus Reps: elected by the board from past Domain Co-chairs

(Note that Sponsors, Domains and Regions are not required to hold an election to designate their Reps, but most will probably choose to do so.)

New Representatives

The election/designation of a new Representative shall be registered by email to the Secretary of the Board.

The Secretary will confirm New Representatives within 7 days unless they are from the same member organization as either:

  • an Existing Representative on the Board whose term is not yet complete, or
  • another unconfirmed Representative registered before them.

New Representatives may not vote until they are confirmed by the Secretary.

Representatives still unconfirmed after 7 days will be asked to step down.

(Note that nothing prohibits an Existing Representative from resigning during the 7 days to allow a New Representative to be confirmed.)

(Note that candidates are encouraged to review the Existing Board Membership and be aware of potential collisions, but are not prohibited from standing for appointment to the Board.)


Those designating New Representatives are encouraged to designate an Alternate (usually the runner up in the election) at the same time.

If a Representative steps down (due to a Collision or any other reason), the Alternate shall be immediately registered as an unconfirmed New Representative to finish out the representatives term. A new Alternate may be designated for the Seat using normal processes.

If there is no Alternate when a Representative steps down, that Seat is unrepresented (and does not count towards quorum) until normal processes fill it.

When a Representative is absent, the Alternate may request permission from the Board to vote instead. The Board will generally grant such requests unless it results in a Member Organization having two votes on the Board.

(Note that the Representative and Alternate are no Co-Representatives, so the affiliation of Alternates is ignored until they are in a position to vote. Doing so eliminates a lot of complexity)

Changing Organizations

If a Representative moves to another member organization they shall designate themselves to the Secretary as an unconfirmed New Representative and normal procedures are applied.

If a Representative moves to a non-member organization, they must step down within 30 days unless the organization becomes a member. During the period when they are not a member, they are not covered by a signed declaration so they are considered absent and their Alternate will temporarily fill their Seat.

If a Domain or Region Representative stops participating in the Domain or Region they represent, whether due to changing organizations or changing job responsibilities, the Representative should step down.


(Note that by default, the disputes will be resolved by discussion of the Board.)