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The Care Management Profile (CM) supports the exchange of information between HIT systems and applications used to manage care for specific conditions. Examples of these systems include Cancer Registries, Chronic Disease Management Systems, Disease Registries and Immunization Information Systems.

Figure 2. Care Management Architecture Overview


The collection of this data from health care IT applications can improve outcomes by supporting health management, substantially reducing health care costs. More and more, special purpose care management systems are used to support wellness programs, public health monitoring including tracking immunizations and infectious diseases, and to manage the care of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

These systems often include decision support capabilities, using evidence-based guidelines for the treatment and care of patients. They often use ad-hoc data gathering to collect information from many different sources to populate data repositories, which are then used to support and manage care for different patient populations. Information is provided to these systems from a number of sources. This profile helps to define the standards to ensure data flow to between these systems.

Referenced Standards

CareRecord HL7 Care Provision Care Record (DSTU)
HL7QI HL7 Version 3 Standard: Infrastructure Management – Query Infrastrucure
HL7WS HL7 Version 3 Standard: Transport Specification - Web Services Profile, Release
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol Version 1.1 (SOAP 1.1)
SOAP12 Simple Object Access Protocol Version 1.2 (SOAP 1.2)

Systems Affected

  • Physician Office EMR's
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Imaging Centers
  • Laboratory Information Systems
  • Insurance Provider Systems


Care Management Actor Diagram
Actor Transaction Opt. Section
Care Management Actors and Transactions
Guideline Manager Guideline Notification R PCC-7
Request Guideline Data R PCC-8
Care Manager Guideline Notification O PCC-7
Request Guideline Data O PCC-8
Care Management Data Query R PCC-9
V3 Care Management Update R PCC-10
V2 Care Management Update R PCC-11
Clinical Data Source Request Guideline Data O PCC-8
Care Management Data Query CSee note 2 PCC-9
V3 Care Management Update C See note 1 PCC-10
V2 Care Management Update C See note 1 PCC-11
Note 1
At least one of these transactions must be supported.
Note 2
A Clinical Data source that implements the Care Record option shall implement this transaction.


Profile Status: Trial Implementation

See Also

The Patient Care Coordination Framework is the official master document for this Profile.

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