April 22 - QRPH Technical/Planning Co-chairs discussion

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Agenda and Points of Action


  • Jason Colquitt (Greenway Medical)
  • Floyd Eisenberg (Siemens Medical)
  • Ana Estelrich (GIP-DMP)
  • LaVerne Palmer (HIMSS)
  • Lisa Spellman (HIMSS)

1. QRPH Wiki organisation

  • Changed the domain name, page got redirected. There are more changes like that, should we continue?
  • The minutes of each call will be available on the main QRPH technical committee page.
  Action:  Yes, moving pages to change names seems to be the way to do it.  
  Ana will try to update as much as possible, also the links  in the roster are not updated.

2. White Paper Performance Measurement Data Element Structured for EHR Extraction

  • The SVS had another meeting on April 18, 2008. The paper got updated, the wiki on ITI reflects the changes in the QRPH domain.
  • Coordination between ITI SVS Profile and White Paper Performance Measurement Data Element Structured for EHR Extraction coordination.
  • Who will take the responsibility to lead the white paper?
  Action:  Collective effort, normally there is a designated editor.  
  Nevertheless, a system should be in place so  that if simultanous work is done, it will not be done on different versions.

  • Separate page for discussion/points of action?
  Action: A new separate page was create for ease of monitoring the progress 
  Performance Measurement Data Element Structured for EHR Extraction

  • CP for ITI before May 2nd for multiple patients query
  Action: None for the moment, careful monitoring of the possibility of an eventual change.

  • Registry for SVS must be proposed before face-to-face meeting in May if the ITI Committee is to take it into consideration.
  Action: Ana to contact Sarah and Sondra from IBM to study impact, 
  The French group is getting together April 28 to have a meeting before the face to face regarding the SVS ITI profile.
  A change request might come from this group.

  • Overview of Collaborative for Performance Measure Integration with EHR Systems by V. Peytchev:
   Action: Since Floyd and Jason are meeting with Collaborative on April 24, Ana got them in touch with Vassil.

  • Other tasks:
    • Use cases are needed to reflect the Quality and the Clinical Research Aspects. -- Floyd
    • The white paper needs to be updated with Floyd's changes -- Floyd
    • The Joint Commission and the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care will have to come up with Value Set for their measures -- Floyd to contact them.
    • Once a Value Set is created, a link will have to be found either straight to the Repository or to the Registry--Ana and Floyd

3. White Paper: Care Management Content/Infrastructure

No, the Clinical Research, Public Health and Quality use of EHR Data has evolved into the domain itself.

  Action:  The White Paper: Care Management Content/Infrastructure 
  will be examined the week of May 4th in Phoenix in the HL7 meeting to see if the Care Plan Group HL7 has got 
  similar activities, talk to Keith Boone.  Depending on the results, it might have to be scoped out to two years.

5. Drug Safety Content Profile

  • Drug Safety Content Profile
  • Is this profile based on the C-DASHstandard? This standard in public phases comments. Is is stable enough? Update on mapping C-DASH to CCD. Also on the PCC call on this profile on Apr.17 it has been decided that due to a lack of critical mass of people, the efforts will be combined with the Clinical Research Data Capture Fields PCC Profile.
  Action:  Ana to talk to Landen Bain during the CDISC conference to figure out where the profile was at and 
  what standards were to be used.   
  Is FDA expecting result in ICSR or
  SDTM?  How does BRIG fit in?

6. Quality Roadmap Should we move the roadmap to the Planning Committee?

  Action:  Agreed.  Designated person:  Ana

Should the Clinical Research, Public Health and Quality use of EHR Data be moved to the Quality Domain page as an founding paper? Action: Question open for discussion.

7. Planning Committee Roster Voting rights. Ballot 04/08? Most people do not have voting rights, including the planning co-chair. This seems incorrect.

  Action:  Open issue.