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This article is a component of the Technical Framework Publication Process.


When editing an already published document (e.g., going from PC to TI or updating a TI version), please obtain the most recent published version from the Current Published folder on Google Drive, not the Google Drive folder of a specific domain or a copy you may have locally on your computer. If this is not done, it is likely edits will be made to an outdated version and you will need to redo your work.

Public Comment Process Steps

All IHE Technical Framework supplements are published for public comment to ensure stakeholder representation, transparency and quality review. This is a chance for both regular participants in IHE activities and those who don't have the time to dedicate to regular participation to contribute thoughts on proposed specifications before they are formally released. The public comment phase is optional for white papers and is at the discretion of the Technical Committee and author.

Public comment should be considered the prelude to publication. A committee should be largely satisfied with the contents of a document before it is sent out for public comment.

The typical steps are shown below. The entity responsible for each step needs to make sure it happens, but they may do so by delegating the action.

Period: 30 days (minimum)

  • Approve document for public comment (Domain Technical Committee)
  • Notify Domain Coordination Committee document is going out for public comment (Domain Technical Committee cochairs)
  • Place public comment draft of document to be published on IHE Google Drive at IHE Documents > Document Publication > Committee Submitted > <Domain> (Domain Technical Committee Cochairs/Authors)
  • Notify Documentation Specialist via email that the document is available for publication (Domain Technical Committee Cochairs/Authors)

  • Prepare public comment draft of document (Documentation Specialist)
    • Move public comment draft submitted by committee to IHE Google Drive at IHE Documents > Document Publication > Archive > <Domain> > <Year> > Committee Submitted
    • Perform document edits
    • Notify Domain Technical Committee cochairs and authors by email that document is ready and submit copy for review (Documentation Specialist)
      • If required, perform any modifications based on review
    • Prepare PDF of document (to steer people away from inline comments and towards comment form)
    • Post public comment draft of document on Public Comment Page (Documentation Specialist)
  • Announce public comment publication to IHE News (Documentation Specialist)
    • Public Comment Announcement Template
    • Detail location of document to be reviewed, deadline for comment submission, method of comment submission
    • Provide a link to the public comment page
  • (Recommended) Identify Designated Reviewers for each public comment document (Domain Technical Committee Cochairs)
  • (Optional) Announce public comment publication to associated stakeholder organizations (Domain Technical Committee Cochairs)

  • Submit comments to domain Technical Committee (Commenters)
    • Please use the comment web form or Excel spreadsheet provided, it saves the editor having to transcribe your comments.
    • Prioritize each comment
      • H: Important issue where there is major issue to be resolved; requires discussion and debate.
      • M: Medium issue or clarification. Requires discussion, but should not lead to long debate.
      • L: Typo or other minor classification that an editor can manage; requires no group discussion.

  • Collate all comments into a spreadsheet (Secretariat/Editor)
    • Sort by line number and priority (Low/Med/High)
  • Resolve comments with priority Low (Editor)
    • If any Low comments prove problematic, elevate to Med
  • Distribute comment spreadsheet and updated draft with Low resolutions to Technical Committee (Editor)
  • Review Med & High comments (Technical Committee)
    • Walk through document
    • Each comment may be:
      • Accepted = proposed text accepted as is
      • Rejected = committee does not agree with issue (document reason, e.g. out of scope, )
      • Resolved = issue accepted but resolved differently than proposed
  • Record resolution in comment spreadsheet (Editor)
  • Update document to reflect resolutions (Editor)

  • Post comment spreadsheet (to Google Docs or domain designated location) (Editor)
  • Link spreadsheet to the Public Comment Resolutions wiki page for the domain (Editor)

See Also

Public Instructions for Public Comments

Where Submitted Public Comments Are Located

Submitted public comments will reside in any one of the following locations:

  1. A Google spreadsheet that is populated when comments are entered via the Google form on the domain's comment web page (see the table below for the location of each domain's Google spreadsheet and comment web page)
  2. An Excel spreadsheet that is downloaded from the domain comment web page and emailed as an attachment to the domain comment Google group (see the table below for a link to each domain's comment Google group)
  3. Individual comments submitted to the comment Google group (see the table below for a link to each domain's comment Google group)
  4. Emails submitted to the author(s) and/or Technical Committee co-chairs (although not a recommended method to submit comments)

All comments received should be consolidated into one document prior to review and resolution by the Technical Committee.

Public Comment Links
Domain Comment Submission Page
(web form or download&mail spreadsheet)
Submitted Web Form Comments Comment Google Group
(subscribe or view comments)
Anatomic Pathology NA!forum/anapathcomments
IT Infrastructure!forum/iticomments
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine!forum/palmcomments
Patient Care Coordination!forum/pcccomments
Quality, Research and Public Health!forum/qrphcomments
Radiation Oncology

Where Public Comment Resolutions Are Located