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See also PCD Technical Committee Closed Action Items page.

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Action items updated with July 29 - discussion was deferred on July 15, and most were deferred on July 29

Significant recent changes, other than dates, will be in bold.

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
60 Update TF Todd, Ken John Rhoads 2009.07.01 OPEN Meetings have begun. The update will include PIB, SPD. Then it will be released for public comment (September). Todd asked for comments, suggestions. Ken has cleaned up Volume 1 in preparation for updating it.

Todd will ask the IHE Cochairs if the format must be changed to the new format or can be left as is. A Google Group has been established. Distribute the updated TF for use in this cycle’s implementation for the Connectathon. John Rhoads will prepare the CP for the TF. TC to set the date for the TF public comment release. John Rhoads suggested members review and comment on the TF. He suggested emailing Todd with copies to Ken and himself. A format change to the TF is anticipated. This would place the boiler plate into volume 0. CPs will continue to be received as we go forward to the Connectathon. A number have been received. Paul noted that coordination with Continua will result in additional items. Todd requested that CPs be submitted now as the TF is reviewed. CPs addressing a WG profile will first be reviewed by the WG and then be brought to the TC. Aug. 12: Ken, John Rhoads, Todd will revise the TF to incorporate items already discussed. DEC will be updated with its options and the TF may include other profiles.

62 Incorporate Bar Coding into ADT implementations; which domain is responsible? Todd Co-chairs 2009.07.01 OPEN Please see summary of June 3 for history http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=PCD_TC_2009-06-03_Webex#Discussion. John Rhoads reviewed the topic as discussed at the DCC. Ken and Todd took this to the DCC approximately 6 months ago. The DCC suggested PCD take the lead and coordinate the various IHE Domain. John indicated this was the same approach the DCC took again recently. Todd noted that Khalid is developing an approach for DPI and asked that John take this back to the DCC and he agreed to do so. Paul asked if bar codes (which are available in different standards) are the only identifier of interest. Others could include the patient’s photo. Todd suggested the PC draft a brief profile proposal that could be used to recruit ITI, Radiology and possibly PCC to join the effort. John asked Khalid if he would lead this effort and Khalid agreed to give this some thought. Paul noted that PCD-01 permits multiple patient identifiers. Change date to July 1.
66 Prepare profiles for registration. John Garguilo Al Engelbert, Todd Cooper, Robert Flanders. 2009.07.15 OPEN PCD likely won’t finalize the application until the TF has been updated and following the public comment period. Todd set up Google Group and Wiki Page to establish a baseline. The PCD will work with NIST for validation. John Garguilo believes two of the three profiles are now complete and correct in the MWB. It is anticipated that the other PCD transactions shall be registered after PCD-01 is complete. John Garguilo has requested that companies post their profiles at: PCD Year 3 Pre-Connectathon Testing FTP Site. John Rhoads requested that this be addressed early in the cycle. Manny to request members post sample messages for past and future work and note any issues that need to be fixed. NIST is developing test scenarios, requiring the profile and constraints. The PIV WG is the initial profile. John reminded the group that MWB files are needed and should be posted to the ftp site.
77 Preparing a Proposal to HL7 for Pharmacy WG (new name) Gary Meyer Jeff Rinda, Al Engelbert 2009.07.01 OPEN Jeff noted this is not a critical issue, but the pharmacy group needs to address the issue. Gary is monitoring the Pharmacy WG. They are focused on community practice. Gary suggested that about a third of this work will be useful for institutional practice. Ruth noted that HITSP is working on the ordering process. NCPCP is working on an HL7 2.5 messaging process. This work is US focused and may become an issue internationally. They may not be interested in addressing this in this cycle (Atlanta the week of Sept. 21).
79 Change Proposal Tutorial 2009.07.01 OPEN Provide a tutorial on filing Change Proposals. These have been suggested and need CPs: ACM: clarify coding of multiple aspects of an alarm; Infusion Pump: clarify coding. John Rhoads / Todd Cooper to contact those developing CPs to ensure the process is understood and properly managed.
82 OID for PCD Todd, John Rhoads 2009.07.01 OPEN Manny to follow up on obtaining and OID. Todd put up a Wiki page to describe managing the OID. John Rhoads will flesh that out. Change date to next meeting. John will report on current OID management discussions within the IHE DCC and update the IHE PCD OID page accordingly. The IHE Domain Coordination Committee has had a very active discussion re. the management of OIDs within IHE. This is very positive re. having a coordinated mangagement process and method (e.g., repository) in the near future.

83 MOUs Sandy 2009.07.01 OPEN Follow up MOU status with CIMIT, ASTM. It is on the ASTM executive meeting agenda next week. Ken reported that Julian presented this to the ASTM. The outcome has not been reported. Ken will follow-up with Julian Goldman to determine the current status.
84 Patient Identity and PCD Messages Todd, Khalid, Gary 2009.07.01 OPEN How best to accomplish this tie will be addressed in the white paper for further development as a supplement to PIB (Todd). Coordination with IEEE (-20103 CCOM) and ICE-PAC will be accomplished Jan. Draft a patient association brief profile proposal (Khalid). The A04 registration message is not the commonly used message, while A01 is used by hospitals at admission (Gary). Gary will review this issue and it will be factored into the CPs for publication and testing in the 2010 Connectathon. Also see 62. Note related discussions in the Infusion Pump WG.
86 Test Tools John Garguilo, Rob Snellick Manny 2009.07.15 OPEN NIST will explore a registry for MWB files (Rob). Manny to request PCD Connectathon WG to post MWB files. Change date to June 17, add John Garguilo to the effort. NIST is open to providing incremental releases of "test artifacts" (which include MWB profiles). Need to determine when such information is desired to be available for viewing/browsing. This information would be part of the Testing Infrastructure as part of a public repository. Can we establish a date to make this available by? Members were asked to send Garguilo any MWB files that should be considered when developing registered profiles.
87 IDCO Nick 2009.07.01 OPEN For history see previous meeting. Nick Steblay reviewed the public comments received on IDCO. Use case clarification/modification will be addressed in response to Manny’s comment suggesting that a flag be set to indicate clinician review (validation). This will be done now. They will also review the comment regarding clarification of the translator’s role, and may remove it from discussion. With regard to identification of the pacemaker, there is a unique identifier for the device that includes vendor, model and in some instances the serial number. Paul noted that the interrogator should be identified for traceability, and use EUI-64. Nick responded that device vendors do not send this now, and this would be an issue. It was agreed that this will be resolved in the future.
88 Cycle 4 Supplement Status Ken, Todd 2009.07.01 OPEN John Rhoads, Monroe, Paul offered to review the WCM document. Cycle 4 Supplement Status - Anticipated release dates are: IDCO - June 1; PIV - June 1; RTM - June 1; WCM - September 1. White Papers: DPI and MEM will be available this summer. PIV: Recent WG F2F: Todd briefly summarized the meeting. Those interested are referred to the Wiki page (see agenda list above). He noted it was a very productive meeting. RTM update: Paul found 40 errors and as a result is looking at automating the process for identifying them. He noted the harmonized table is looking good. Work continues on RTM ventilator terms. The RTM update should be available for TC ballot in about 10 days.

CPs: A number of change proposals are in development. He suggested that the PIV WG review these as soon as possible.

89 Verify process for “public comment” period Todd, John Rhoads 2009.07.15 OPEN Verify process for “public comment” period, esp. for CPs; verify it is properly and appropriately applied to the RTM updates; publish to TC (esp. CP editors Jeff Rinda & Rugh Berge). Also in Item 60: CPs will continue to be received as we go forward to the Connectathon. A number have been received. Paul noted that coordination with Continua will result in additional items. Todd requested that CPs be submitted now as the TF is reviewed. CPs addressing a WG profile will first be reviewed by the WG and then be brought to the TC. John Rhoads has reviewed the ITI procedure and provided a modified version for the PCD. Substantial discussion followed and John will update the diagram. Paul asked if there is an appeal process to resolve conflicts. Todd will research the appeal process.

90 2009.07.01 OPEN
91 2009.07.01 OPEN
92 2009.07.01 OPEN
94 2009.07.01 OPEN

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