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Nursing Subcommittee Proposal

Over the past four (4) years the Nursing Subcommittee (NS) has brought clinical issues to their parent IHE committee, the Patient Care Coordination (PCC) Committee, in efforts to jointly work on issues that are of importance to the nursing community. The following IHE profiles that have a nursing focus and have been jointly developed by the IHE Nursing Subcommittee and the IHE PCC committee are:

  • Dynamic Care Planning (DCP)[1]
  • Dynamic Care Team Management (DCTM)[2]
  • Reconciliation of Clinical Content and Care Providers (RECON) [3]
  • Point-of-Care Medical Device Tracking (PMDT) [4]

The "2018-2019 cycle" profile work that has a nursing focus and is important to the nursing community are below:

  • CDA Summary Section
  • PlanDefinition for Care Planning

The "CDA Summary Section" profile supports the provision of a concise summary of a document, which can be added to a document to summarize pertinent information about the document being sent. This type of document can be very useful for transitions of care from one clinician to another internally or externally to the healthcare organization. The "PlanDefinition for Care Planning" profile is a workflow profile that streamlines the ability to create and share information that will enhance clinical workflow by focusing on the data that is created and shared and how it’s shared and updated. The profile will provide a mechanism to facilitate programmatic exchange and aggregate information needed to create care plans for patients from applicable order sets, protocols and/or clinical practice guidelines to support dynamic, evolving and ongoing care.

Current Meetings

Currently the IHE Nursing Subcommittee (NS) is meeting F2F with the IHE Patient Care Coordination (PCC) Technical Committee. The IHE PCC Technical Committee Meeting schedule can be found here:

When the Nursing Subcommittee determines there is a need to meet separately from the PCC Committee, the following table will list all meetings for the IHE Nursing Subcommittee of the Patient Care Coordination Technical Committee. All times are in Central Standard Time (Chicago). All T-con calls use a Webex number sent in an invitation to the meeting. At this time all Chicago (face-to-face) meetings are at RSNA headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois.

How to get on the webex

As an alternate way to find the webex meetings you can do the following:

  1. navigate to
  2. click on the "Meeting Center" tab and you should see the PCC meeting amongst all the scheduled ihe meetings.
  3. Note that it will default to displaying meetings for the current date, you will have to navigate to future days to see future meetings.
  4. Enter password meeting when prompted


Date Time Location Topic Agenda Minutes
July 22, 2009 2pm -3pm Central TCon NS weekly call PPOC Minutes