Nursing Subcommittee Proposal

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Under the IHE Principals of Governance, the PCC Domain Planning and Technical Committees are responsible for the approval of creation of a subcommittee within the Patient Care Coordination Domain.

This proposal is to the PCC Domain Technical and Planning Committee, for the creation of a new subcommittee with the Patient Care Coordination Domain, to be known as the IHE Nursing SubCommittee.

Membership in this subcommittee is open to any member of IHE.

The responsibilities of this subcommittee include:

  1. Review of profile proposals to ensure that they include necessary criteria to address the needs of Nursing professionals.
  2. Review of profiles under development to ensure that they incorporate requirements identified by Nursing professionals.
  3. Development of Profile proposals that have a focus in areas specific to Nursing, or Nursing related professions.
  4. Leading and/or participating in the development of IHE Profiles that have been selected by the PCC Planning Committee, and which have a Nursing related topic.
  5. Liasoning with other IHE Domain Committees to perform the above functions as necessary.
  6. Reporting to the PCC Domain Planning and/or Technical Committee on the above topics, and making recommendations to those committees for specific actions.

The subcommittee will have at most two cochairs, one of whom must be a Practicing Registered (or International Equivalent) Nurse.

The subcommittee will follow IHE processes with respect to governence, committee activities, decision making practices, et cetera. Subcommittee communications will be performed through the IHE PCC Planning and Technical Committee mailing lists, and all subcommittee meetings will be open to any member of IHE.

Upon ratification of this proposal by the PCC Planning and Technical Committee membership, members of IHE may indicate a desire to be a member of this subcommittee. Thereafter, nominations for the cochair positions will be accepted. After the nominations, a maximum of two cochairs will be elected, one of whom must be a practicing, Registered (or international equivalent) Nursing professional.

The term of the subcommittee cochairs shall be two years, staggered by one year, so that in the first year, one subcommittee cochair will serve a single year, to be determined by mutual agreement of the two elected cochairs, or by random lot if necessary.

This subcommittee will remain active until it or its parent domain is dissolved in accordance with IHE rules of governance.