IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 11/13/2011

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IHE Lab Minutes 11-13-12


Mary Kennedy mkenned@cap.org

Laurent LARDIN laurent.lardin@biomerieux.com

Alessandro Sulis asulis@crs4.it

Sondra Renly srrenly@us.ibm.com

Francois Macary francois.macary@gmail.com

Daniel Moncusi (Systelab) daniel.moncusi@gmail.com

Dmytro Rud dmytro.rud@roche.com


The next face-to face meeting will be held in Deerfield, IL, on February 4-6, 2013. More details will be posted.


  1. New participants:
  • Welcome, Dmytro Rud!

  1. Review/Update Agenda

  1. Call for Proposal (Francios)

  • The call has gone out and proposals are welcomed from now till the end of January.

  1. Update on NA Connectathon Registration (Francios)
  • The application to participate in the upcoming Connectathon for LAW has been withdrawn due to limited participation. Preparations are being made to put together a larger group of vendors to participate in 2014 NA Connectathon; for the testing of the LAW and LTW Profile.
  • Skip or attend the 2013 EU Connectathon: IICC is encouraging systems based in Europe to attend European Connectathon.
  • Virtual Testing: Group to recommend discussion of virtual testing at face-to-face; to invite someone from the testing group who would be in town from Connectathon to discuss virtual testing opportunities throughout the year.
  • François will extend invitation to Anne-Gaelle Berge from the Technical Testing team to attend face-to-face.

  1. LAW Wiki page review
  • No new update; needs final review by Ed; will discuss at next meeting

  1. LCC Profile updates (Jim)
  • No new update; Jim continues to have challenges getting vendors to work with him; they have not yet allocated resources. He anticipates attending the next HL7 meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, January13-18, 2013.
  • CAP will provide support by assigning someone to reach out to vendors; other commitment from EPIC and CERNER.

  1. Next meeting is scheduled for December 11, 2012