IHE FHIR Profile Publication

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IHE FHIR Profile Publication

These pages describe the new IHE FHIR Profile Publication while it is being designed and validated. This guidance is expected to result in the official publication mechanism. These pages may change as requirements and solutions are evolving. When the publication method becomes official, appropriate guidance and tooling will be put in place.

  1. The IHE FHIR Profile publication - overview and concepts
  2. Getting Started
  3. Profile Concepts
  4. Creating new Profiles
  5. Editing tools
  6. Conformance and other technical artefacts
  7. The IHE FHIR IG web Template
  8. Content coordination and Collaboration - Shared resources
  9. Publication outcome - tools, templates and media
  10. Testing support
  11. ISO accreditation / process compliance / Intellectual Property considerations

If you just want to see the progress, here is the Status Summary


Work streams

Work streams description