Card Tech Minutes 2011.10.12

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  • Anthony Scinicariello - St Jude Medical
  • Bryan Jennings - Medical Micrographics
  • Dan Roman - ACC
  • Duncan Wood - Medical Micrographics
  • Harry Solomon - GE
  • Nick Gawritt - Heartbase
  • Paul Seifert - Agfa
  • Rich Fronek - Cardiac Science
  • Tom Dolan - Philips
  • Antje Schroeder Siemens

Meeting Notes

  1. Scheduling of face to face meeting
    • Dec. 12-13, 2011 preferably in Oak Brook
    • Action Item: Antje to Check with Chris Carr, whether it is possible to meet at RSNA
  2. Connectahthon and HIMSS Showcase Review
    • Organisation team is still evaluating registration and is working on matching up use cases and products
    • REWF is not tested at Connectathon, therefore there is no ECG report creator in Use Case 5
    • Suggestion is to use a Content creator actor that sends an ECG as a Scanned Document (XDS-SD)
    • Action item: Harry to follow up internally in GE to see whether they could sign up their DSS/OF to participate in REWF as well.
  3. Effort analysis of profile proposals - Cath Workflow Preprocedure Documentation option
    • Addition of a new transaction to CATH (RID to retrieve CDA documents with pre-procedure information)
    • Alternative solution is to add an XDS content consumer to retrieve the documents
    • No content definition, just to show how documents fit in workflo
    • Open issue 1: workflow of consent documents. Suggestion to treat is as a scanned document, however there are implications for the workflow as where to store the document (Image Manager, EMR system, ...)
    • Open issue 2: Access to lab documentation. Do they need to be structured, so that they could be used in the report or is it just informative?
    • Effort estimates: under the assumption the changes are for adding references to documents in transactions (order msg and MWL) and not to define data access effort is about one workday.
    • However the order msg effects Radiology (since Cardiology references Radiology transaction). Should be coordinated. Harry suggest to make a CP to Radiology during this work item and let Radiology pick it up from there.
    • Action item: Harry to extend proposal to include different options to address this problem, so that TC can decide on efforts for each option during the next meetings.
  • Next Meeting will be on Oct. 19, 10am EST