Call for Profile Proposals

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Replace <<DOMAIN>> with the name of your Domain and replace dates as appropriate if you use the following template.

Example Call for Profile Proposals

Interested parties are invited to submit proposals for new Profiles in IHE <<DOMAIN>>. These will be considered for development in the 202X-202X Cycle of the IHE <<DOMAIN>> Domain.

Submitter prepares a brief proposal (using the Brief Proposal Wiki Template or the Word template depending on the domain) which details:

  • What is the problem and how does it look in practice (use case)
  • How should things look in practice if it were fixed
  • What specific pieces of standards could be used to solve the problem.

It is strongly recommended that the proposal include the name of a candidate editor for the profile should it be selected for development.

If possible, give some indication of the business case for solving the problem (e.g., what is it currently costing us).

Proposals are due by Aug 31, 202X

Proposals may be either:

The <<DOMAIN>> Planning Committee will select on Sept. 17th, a "Short List" of proposals for detailed consideration. Detailed proposals for those selected will be due Sept. 30th. The <<DOMAIN>> Technical Committee will complete an evaluation of the technical feasibility and effort required by mid-October.

The current plan is that the <<DOMAIN>> Planning Committee will vote on the final selection at a face to face meeting the week of Oct 22-25.