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IHE Actors are responsible for producing, managing and/or acting on information in the context of an IHE Profile.

  • An Actor is defined in terms of its primary responsibility.
  • Each IHE Profile assigns specific requirements to specific actors.
  • The same Actor might be referenced in multiple Profiles.

For example, the Department System Scheduler/Order Filler is responsible for managing orders performed by a department.

  • The Scheduled Workflow Profile places specific requirements on the DSS/Order Filler to support radiology orders, DICOM modality worklists, etc.
  • The Lab Scheduled Workflow Profile places specific requirements on it to support lab orders and worklists.

A single system could conceivably claim to support the DSS/Order Filler in both Profiles.

See IHE Profile Design Principles and Conventions for a more more detailed discussion of actor design.

For current IHE Actor Definitions see Appendix A: Actors