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This excerpt from the USA National Extensions for Data Access Framework (DAF) published by PCC. https://www.ihe.net/uploadedFiles/Documents/PCC/IHE_PCC_IG_DAF_National-Extension.pdf

Document Class Codes are used as a broad taxonomy for the sharing of health documents. They can be used as classCode values for implementation of the IHE XD* Profiles (XDS, XCA, XDR, XDM).

Value Set Name XDS Class Code
Value Set Identifier
Code System Name XDS Class Code
Code System Identifier
Value Set Type Static
Purpose of Value Set These codes specify a high-level classification of the particular kind of document (e.g., Prescription, Discharge Summary,
Report, Summary, Images, Treatment Plan, Patient Preferences, Workflow). Note that ClassCode uses a different value set
than the document typeCode that specifies the precise type of document from the user perspective.
Method The value set has values drawn from a coding scheme providing a coarse level of granularity (about 10 entries).
It is a classification where a specifci document falls only under one possible value in the value set.
It has been designed to be free (or orthogonal) from medical specialties, so that it may be combined without
semantical conflicts with XDS practiceSetting Metadata that conveys the medical specialty.

The implementation of this value set requires that a consumer of coded values processes the “Code” for any automated decision and uses the associated Display Name only for rendering of the value in the value set."

XDS classCode Value Set

The table below lists the codes used for identification of classes of documents, when shared. These codes are intended to be used as classCode values recommended for implementation of the IHE XD* Profiles (XDS, XCA, XDR, XDM). This value set is maintained by the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Committee.
Note that the OID assigned to this code system is as assigned by the IHE ITI Domain for codes used for the purposes of cross-enterprise document sharing (XDS). For more information see ITI - OID assignment

Code Concept Name Concept Definition
REPORTS Reports Reports are the result of an inquiry or investigation by a licensed professional
SUMMARIES Summaries A record of the most salient facts known at a point in time by a licenses health professional
IMAGES Images An artifact that depicts or records visual perception for a subject
PRESCRIPTIONS Prescribed Treatments and Diagnoses Description of any treatment or order for a diagnosis for a patient
DISPENSATIONS Dispensations Acts performed by a health professional delivering a treatment
PLANS Treatment Plan or Protocol A set of intended treatments informing a team of health professionals about the goals, type of services,
service intensity and progress indicators that are designed to reach a clinical objective
HEALTH Health Certificates and Notifications Health information produced by health professionals for specific use outside of healthcare
PATIENT Patient Expression and Preferences Statements produced by the patient expressing information/data about own health, preferences for care or
any directive provided by patients in the handling of their health information.
WORKFLOWS Workflow Management Information related to the tracking and coordination process in care delivery