XCA Deferred Option proposal

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WEBEX MEETING 26.11.2018

  • Focus of the call:
    • confirm working session dates
    • Review use-cases and the whole detailed proposal to refresh minds on the topics
    • identify the process in order to compare different options. Yhe goal will be to have a decision by the end of the year and complete vol.1 material by the february meeting. We can also start the use-cases analysis in parallel so that we can easlily identify pros and cons of each solution. We will try to produce a spreadsheet with some criterias in order to compare different solutions available.
  • USE-CASE: new use-case in which the Organization wants to have a manual review of docpuments before to release them to another organization. This will bring back the partial result scenario. We need to be sure that we are not confusing people about partial result, and describe this as a method to solve access control issues. This is not the scope.
  • The use-cases are really clear we could start the standard selection as soon as possible. We could try to meet three milestones in one f2f: produce vol.1 , produce vol.2 , issue PC version.
  • Analysis of the DSUB option, XCA option, DSUB+XDW option , XDW+XDR option.
  • XAD-PID dependencies: is it important to cover the link/unlink merge/unmerge between query and Deferred Response? We added an open issue in order to cover the behavior between Query and Response.

JOhn will review the notes and will explore in detail some of the options proposed. How to combine AS4 with Deferred , could DEferred/sync be perform in the same transation ? Should we cover a use-case with combination of option for initiating and responding ?