Work plan 2015/2016

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ID Task Type Editor Contributors
1 Medication Management (Joint work item with HL7 Pharmacy and ISO WG6) Michael Tan Stephen Chu, Jose Costa Teixeira, Jürgen Brandstätter, Jacqueline Surugue, Leonidas Tzimis, Simon Letellier, Marco Demarmels
2 Administration in Community Pharmacy Jürgen Brandstätter Stephane Spahni, Marc Robberecht, Michael Tan, Jose Costa Teixeira, Leonidas Tzimis, Jacqueline Surugue
3 Medication Treatment Plan (MTP profile) Stephane Spahni Jürgen Brandstätter
4 Mobile Medication Administration Jose Costa Teixeira Stephane Spahni, Marc Robberecht, Michael Tan
5 Unified Barcode Processing Jose Costa Teixeira Michael van der Zel
6 Hospital medication supply chain logistics Jose Costa Teixeira Simon Letellier, Leonidas Tzimis, Jacqueline Surugue
7 Formularies and Medication catalogs Simon Letellier Jose Costa Teixeira, Jacqueline Surugue, Leonidas Tzimis

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