Work plan 2010/2011

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ID Task Priority In charge
1 Workflow/XDW High & Urgent Jürgen, Luca, Arianna, Jose, Marco, (Horn from ITI)
2 Medication documentation High Jose, Jacqueline, Viktor, Leonidas, Marco, Simon, Orlando, (Jürgen)
3 HMW Exceptional cases, Step 1 / CMPD Exceptional cases, Step 1 High Marc, Jose / Jürgen, Marco, Viktor / Leonidas, Jacqueline, Ana, Simon (for Users)
4 Use-case: Community – Hospital, Step 1 High/Medium Orlando, Jacqueline, Leonidas, Jose, Marc
5 Supply Chain Whitepaper High/Medium Simon, Jacqueline, Leonidas, Thierry Geraud, (Jose)
6 Administration of perfusion Medium Marc, Jacqueline, Ana, Orlando, (Jose)
7 How to deal with dispenses on behalf of pre which are not here yet Medium Jose, Marc
8 Preparations / Cytotoxics Medium Jacqueline, Marc, Leonidas
9 Substitution Handling – definition Medium Jacqueline, Ana, Simon, Leonidas
10 Cancelling of already dispensed items which don’t have a prescription Medium/Low Jürgen, Marc, Jose
11 CDA Substitution Structure Low Ana, Jürgen, (Tom for HL7)
12 Multiple systems in same hospital, Step 1 Low Jose
13 Non-medication products Low Jürgen, Viktor
14 Handling Instructions Low Jose

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