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Check if you already have an Account

  • Click Here to see the current list of user accounts
  • Look for your name (probably your first initial and last name)
  • If you're there but can't remember your password, you can request that the Wiki email you a new password. Click on the "log in" link at upper right.
  • If you're not there, Create an account

Creating an Account

  • Click "log in" at the top of the page
  • Click on the linked words "request one" in the first line of the log in page. Complete the form linked there, including a brief description of your reason for using the Wiki, and submit. Your request will be reviewed at the earliest availability of one of the Wiki's sysops. If you don't hear back promptly, send an email to

Editing Your User Page

  • Click your User Name
  • Edit the page to explain you, your affiliations and interests

You can copy/paste someone else's user page or this template and edit it to start with.