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Todd Cooper has developed an extensive background over the last 20 years in medical device software architecture, informatics and interoperability. For the last 10+ years he has primarily focused on medical device standards development, advocacy and implementation activities. This includes helping companies sort out the confusing standards landscape - including the myriad organizations that develop them - and determine how best to position their products to play in an increasingly connected health care world!

In IHE, Todd was a co-founder of the Patient Care Device (PCD) domain and currently serves on the IHE International Board of Directors. In this role, he was a co-editor of the PCD's first technical framework, Device Enterprise Communication (DEC) that provides consistent method for communicating device semantics to enterprise applications (e.g., EHRs).

Recently Todd became a Principal in 80001 Experts, LLC, a company that is focused on the application of the IEC 80001-1:2010 standard for risk management of medical IT-Networks, working with healthcare delivery organizations to ensure that their networked medical technology is safe, secure and effective.

Todd also plays a number of leadership roles within the medical device informatics and health I.T. standards community, including the following:

  • Convenor, ISO TC217 WG7 Health Informatics - Devices
  • Co-Chair, HL7 Health Care Devices (DEV) WG
  • Chair, IEEE EMBS 11073 Medical Device Communication General Committee
  • Co-Chair, ISO/IEC JWG7 Risk Management of I.T. Networks incorporating medical devices

Todd Cooper may be contacted at:
80001 Experts, LLC
12127 Ragweed Street
San Diego, CA 92129-4103
(V) +1 858.435.0729
(M) +1 858.442.9200
(Skype) ToddCooperX73