Testing PCC Documents

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The MESA tools are the official testing tools for the IHE Connectathon, and can be found at http://ihedoc.wustl.edu/mesasoftware/index.htm.

The PCC Technical Committee has developed a pair of Schematron schemas to help implementers test their implementations. Schematron is a testing tool that allows assertions to be tested against XML documents. These Schematron files are NOT the official tools to be used for connectathon testing (see above).

This Schematron is used to validate a medical document (any PCC document) to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Medical Documents contraints found in the PCC Technical Framework.
This Schematron is used to validate all PCC documents. It will report the kind of document and test it against the specification for that kind of document. Presently it supports Medical Summaries, and XPHR Extracts. ED Referrals, Consents, and Preprocedure History and Physicals are TBD.