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Cross Enterprise Document Sharing, Media Interchange and Reliable Messaging

Actors from the ITI XDS, XDM and XDR profiles embody the Content Creator and Content Consumer sharing function of this profile. A Content Creator or Content Consumer may be grouped with appropriate actors from the XDS, XDM or XDR profiles to exchange the content described therein. The metadata sent in the document sharing or interchange messages has specific relationships or dependencies (which we call bindings) to the content of the clinical document described in the content profile.

The Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework defines the bindings to use when grouping the Content Creator of this Profile with actors from the IHE ITI XDS, XDM or XDR Integration Profiles.

Profile Bindings
Content Binding Actor Optionality
Content Name Binding Name Content Creator Creator Optionality
Content Consumer Consumer Optionality


This template is used to create the XD* Binding section of a PCC Content Profile. To use it, include:

  {{XD* Binding|Profile|Content Description|
    Bindings={{Binding|Content Name|Binding Name|Creator Optionality|Consumer Optionality}}
    {{Binding|Content Name|Binding Name|Creation Optionality|Consumer Optionality}}

In the profile.

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