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PCC Supplement Template

This is the template to use to create a Supplement to the PCC Technical Framework. To use this template, you need to know four things:

The name of the profile that you are creating a supplement for.
The short, 2-4 character acronym for that profile.
The name of the article containing the base content of the supplement.
The names of the wiki articles containing the Appendixes.

Assuming that you are creating a Supplement for the "Example Profile", with Acronym EX, whose content is stored on the wiki at "Example Article", and uses the "Example Appendix Article", create a new page named:


Add the following text:

   {{subst:PCC Supplement|ProfileName=Example Profile|Profile=EX|ArticleName=Example Profile}}
   {{:Example Appendix Article}}

Save the page, and then review it. Add a link to this page on the Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework page for the appropriate year.