Teleconference 2008-07-07

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  • Chris Carr - RSNA
  • Didi Davis - HIMSS
  • Nicole Denjoy - COCIR
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo - RSNA
  • Peter Kuenecke - Siemens
  • Joan McMillen - RSNA
  • Lisa Spellman - HIMSS
  • Harm-Jan Wessels - ForCare


1. MarComm Committee membership and responsibilities

2. MarComm resources:

  • Trademark and logos: maintained regionally; list of
  • Communications channels (eg, Websites, email and mailing lists, press contacts)
  • Staff and outside professional resources
  • Planned Deliverables (Website, video presentations, training Webinars, email blasts, printed matter, FAQs, etc.)

3. Current activities and timelines

  • IHE-E MarComm Cmte will meet on July 24 and will be able to develop list of dates for the coming year
  • Chris Carr will set up a simple timeline table on Wiki prior to July 24 to list events, dates, locations and marketing materials to be developed
  • Timeline will include IHE testing cycle and demonstrations in each region
  • World of Health IT - Copenhagen, Nov. 4-8
    • Application is out on WHIT Website ( deadline will be Aug. 29
    • Notice of application opening, pointing to Website will go to email addresses from targeted list of vendors (14) who expressed interest at IHE-Europe Connectathon
    • General announcement to ihenews list
    • Scenarios will be similar to 2007 event: cardiac patient moving across national boundaries
    • May add clinical research scenario based on RFD profile
    • Jeremy Bonfini and Michael Struben from HIMSS are interested in pursuing joint marketing activities with COCIR and all of IHE-E
    • Showcase planning committee will develop marketing-related materials

4. Rules around demonstration participation: We should work with Testing and Tools Committee to articulate a specific requirement for Connectathon participation

  • WHIT contract contains language about Connectathon requirement: Didi Davis will provide to group

5. Identify smaller task forces for ongoing activity (eg, Website design and development, press release development)

  • Reorganization of Web page: communicate outline of new structure to IHE-E MarComm for review and input
  • IHE-E and IHE-NA will designate task force representatives to work on Website redesign
  • Make development of Website a regular item for International MarComm calls

6. Develop schedule of teleconferences and meetings

  • Establish Google Group of MarComm point persons
  • Set monthly teleconferences on first Monday: Next call, Aug. 4, 9am CDT

Marketing and Communications Committee