Technical Framework Maintenance

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1. Proposed Workitem: TF Maintenance

  • Proposal Editor: Antje Schroeder
  • Editor: Various Member of the Technical Committee
  • Date: Sept. 16, 2011
  • Version: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Domain: Cardiology

2. The Problem

The domain coordination committee decided to harmonize documents across all domains. As an outcome of this effort there will be a set of new templates in October. All domains are responsible to update their Technical Frameworks and Trial Implementation Supplements to use these new templates:

  • Introductory portions of the technical framework (vol 1 and vol 2 need to be updated). This includes extracting information common across all domains and referencing the new Vol.0 document.
  • Trial Implementation supplements need to be complete reworked to follow the new structure, this includes the profile description Sections as well as the transactions
  • Review, and update as needed, references to other sections within the CARD TF and references to other domains' TFs (where the section numbers may have changed).

Since we would spend some major time updating the TF, it might be a good time to do some general cleanup on the Cath and Echo profile like

  • Replacing mandatory options
    • Currently these are described/ specified within a number of the CARD-xx transactions. Suggest replacing these "mandatory options" with "profile specific" subsections within the affected transactions that describe the required behavior associated with the given profile.

3. Key Use Case


4. Standards and Systems


5. Discussion

The first part (transistion to new templates) is mandated by the Domain Coordination Committee, the second part clean up should be addressed at the same time.