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    Christian louboutin shoes is not known for designing sensible flats. However, according to the designer, his high-heeled signature not only evokes the high-octane aesthetic of the showgirls, but also his experience of growing up in a household of women. "I was born and raised in a really feminine environment. I have four sisters. My younger sister is 12 years older than me," he explains. "So when I was six, she was 18 and the rest were in their twenties. It was really funny to be a small boy in a tall, female environment." In spite of the fact that Louboutin's heels teeter on the seemingly impractical, comfort, he insists, is high on his list of shoe musts. "I don't believe that one has to suffer to be beautiful," says the Frenchman, who enlists the women in his company to test-drive every pair he designs. "If you suffer in your shoes, it shows in your face. I don't see why any woman should be in pain."
    In the Christian Louboutin's eye, has an attractive face and pair of beautiful shoes are same level important.
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