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Change Proposal TF-PCC-CP-0041

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Tracking Information

Patient Care Coordination
Change Proposal Number
Last Updated
14:45 6-Mar-2009

Change Proposal Summary

APR Requirements for Different Document Types
Submission Date
13:49, 18 February 2009 (UTC)
Profile Affected
TF Version
Trial Implementation
Volume and Section
Volume 1, Volum 2


The APR profile defines the concept of an APR folder and 4 document types. As written today, you would imply that a creator or consumer is responsible to create/consume all four document types. That is confusing, and might not be the intent. I would suggest one of the following changes (though I hate options)

1. Write a white paper that describes the kinds of documents that you want in the APR folder. Then, define 4 different content profiles, one for each document type. Each one is a separate supplement.

2. Modify the existing supplement to list the 4 documents and name options so that the vendor/user can specify which documents are supported. (did I say that I hate options?).

Discussion 5/4/09

  • separate into 4 content profiles that live in the same supplement
  • will also need to write a White Paper to address how APR documents (and others - EDES, LDR)

are managed within the XDS folder construct.