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The following are the supplements in each domain which have not yet reached Final Text.

The table contents get updated as announcements are made in the Domain Coordination Cmte.

Announcement of Publication for TI is not a required Domain Coordination Milestone but is listed for context.

Supplement Selected PC Opened (TI Published) Evaluated for FT FT Published
Anatomic Pathology Workflow (APW) (20yy-mm-dd) (20yy-mm-dd) 2008-11-24
AP Reporting to Public Health (ARPH) (2008-10-02) (20yy-mm-dd) 20yy-mm-dd
Cardiology (dormant)
None Currently Announced
Legacy Acquisition Modality Importer Actor 2009-01-20 2009-04-30
Instructions for Performing a Procedure 2009-01-20 2009-04-30
Appointment Time Schedule Notification 2009-01-20
IT Infrastructure
Async XDS.b (2008-mm-dd) 2008-06-09
ECON (2008-mm-dd) 2008-06-09
XDS-SD Update (2008-mm-dd) 2008-06-09
SVS (2008-mm-dd) 2008-06-09
MMR (2008-mm-dd) 2008-06-09
SRR (2008-mm-dd) 2008-06-09
RRC (2008-mm-dd) 2008-06-09
Pediatric Demographic Option (2008-mm-dd) 2008-06-09
Publish/Subscribe Infrastructure 2008-10-28
Cross-Community Patient Id 2008-10-28
Cross-Enterprise Privacy Policy 2008-10-28
Federated Service White Pages 2008-10-28
Multi-Stored Query 2008-10-28
Inter-Laboratory Workflow (ILW) 2008-06-25 2009-04-03
eXternal Lab Order Content (XLOC) 2008-12-17
Patient Care Coordination
Antepartum Record (APR) 200y-mm-dd 2008-06-18
Care Management (CM) 200y-mm-dd 2008-06-18
Cancer Registry Pathology Report 200y-mm-dd 2008-06-18
Immunization Content (IC) 200y-mm-dd 2008-06-18
Query for Existing Data 200y-mm-dd 2008-06-18
Labor and Delivery Record (LDR) 2009-03-31
Emerg Responder Pre-Hosp Care Rpt 2009-03-31
Query for Clinical Guidance (QCG) 2009-03-31
Coded Nursing Documentation (CND) 2009-03-31
Patient Care Devices
Alarm Communication Mgt. (ACM) 200y-mm-dd 2008-06-07
Rosetta Terminology Mapping (RTM) 200y-mm-dd 2008-06-07
POC Infusion Verification 200y-mm-dd 2008-06-07
Waveform Communication 2008-10-28
Implantable Device Cardiac Observation 2008-10-28 2009-05-dd
None Currently Announced
Quality, Research and Public Health
Clinical Research Data Capture 200y-mm-dd 2008-06-11
Chronic Disease Mgt Reporting 2008-11-25
Retrieve Protocol for Execution 2008-11-25
Maternal Child Health 2008-11-25
Performance Quality Report 2008-11-25
Radiation Oncology
Advanced Objects Integration 2008-10-28
Treatment Workflow 2008-10-28
Teaching File/Clinical Trial Exp. (2005-10-dd) (2005-02-dd) (2005-04-22) 2008-05-13 2009-mm-dd
Radiation Exposure Monitoring (2007-10-24) 2008-03-05 (2008-05-15)
Mammo. Acq. Workflow (MAWF) (2007-10-24) 2008-03-05 (2008-05-15)
PDI Extensions 2008-10-22 2009-03-22
Basic Image Review (BIR) 2008-10-22 2009-03-22
XDS-I.b 2008-10-22 2009-03-22
CT/MR Perfusion/Diffusion 2008-10-22 2009-03-22