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Former Committee Participants,

We are currently cleaning up our committee roster listing for the IHE Radiology Planning Committee. In order to make our roster more accurate we plan to remove the names of representatives who have not participated in committee activities over the past year. According to our records, you fall into that category. We therefore plan to remove you from the roster as of October 1. If you wish to be retained on the list, or feel that our records of committee activity are inaccurate, we ask that you reply to that effect before that time is up.

Please know that we would very much welcome your renewed participation on this committee. We invite you to review the schedule of upcoming activities on the Radiology Planning Committee Wiki page and consider whether you might find it productive to participate. Unless you request otherwise, we will keep you on the Google Group email distribution list maintained for this committee.

We hope to hear back from you and look forward to renewing your participation in the IHE Radiology Planning Committee or working with you in other aspects of IHE.

Best, Chris Carr