Radiology Strategic Planning

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The following table organizes the current IHE Radiology profiles into several broad categories.

This was originally done in 2003 to get a sense of balance between the different types of needs being addressed. It is probably worth reviewing the categories. For example Image Sharing has become a significant theme in the Infrastructure area.

A similar set of categories was proposed in 2010 to allow different IHE Domains to map out their profiles and compare and contrast their profile portfolio with similar domains (e.g. the group of departmental domains like Radiology, Cardiology, Laboratory, Eyecare, Pathology, Dental, Endoscopy, Radiation Oncology; or the group of more document oriented domains like Patient Care Coordination, and QRPH), looking for gaps or areas of overlap/common interest.


Profiles about facilitating or managing workflows in the radiology department. This includes things like worklists, progress/completion reporting, exception handling and accessing task related information.


Profiles about the creation, storage, management, retrieval and general use of a particular type of content object (but not the workflow that creates it).


Profiles about proper presentation of radiology content.

Image Sharing

Profiles about distributing and managing radiology data using media, networks, etc.


Profiles about administrative tasks.


The IHE IT Infrastructure (ITI) domain has identified the following areas of expertise and weaknesses.

Category Areas of expertise Areas of weakness
Technology Security, Privacy, XDS, SOAP, Directories, Workflow,

Transports, Network, Media, email, Metadata, Web Wervices

HL7 v2 & v3 messaging
Standards Development Organizations W3C, OASIS, HL7 DICOM, ISO
Geographic Regions North America, Europe Asia, South America