Radiology Roadmap

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<We do not currently have a roadmap document. We agree we need one. The following points came out of the discussion at our face-to-face mtg>

Theme Areas:

  • Image Sharing
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Measuring Quality and Performance
  • Advanced Workflow

For each outline the nature of the needs, the work to date (profiles), the available standards and areas/proposal topics for future work.

  • What purpose should the Roadmap serve?
    • parking lot for stuff not done yet
    • planning tool to see all the pieces
    • PR value to show things are not forgotten
    • logistics value to recognize the pre-requisites
      • another flavor of this is multi-year projects
      • should be careful to break it into useful subpieces
    • show some long term goals/themes
    • link to other domains for logistics/consistency
  • Start with a "vision" statement - high level goals
    • Chris will get RSNA to take a shot.
    • should be ready for the matrix work
  • Do the exercise of pasting brief proposals onto a matrix
    • Ought to be F2F
    • We should be doing more international meetings
    • October - HIMSS World of HIT in Vienna, Oct 22-25 Proposed - Need to Confirm
    • might like to coordinate with other international committees
    • try to do one mtg per year alternating between Asia and Europe with main meeting base in U.S. (where the secretariat is)
  • Review other domain roadmaps for ideas/context
    • Kevin can collect we can discuss with above.
    • Ask DCC to work on a common format/flavor
  • Should we add to the proposal process endorsements of professional societies and vendors?

Problems to Consider

This is just a set of links to "pain-points" identified by various sources that might benefit from better integration.