Radiology 2007-2008 Development Cycle

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The Timeline shows the main milestones of the IHE Radiology development cycle, the Timeframe when they are typically expected to happen, and the actual date/time/location they have been Scheduled for this year. Specific meetings and their agendas and minutes are generally listed on the IHE Radiology Planning Committee and IHE Radiology Technical Committee pages.

Dates and times are U.S. Central Time (Chicago).

Timeframe Activity Scheduled Location
Aug. Submit Brief Profile Proposals to Planning Committee (PC) by Aug 31 E-mail
Sept. PC Selects "Short List" of Proposals Sept 4 T-Con
Sept. PC Drafts Detailed Profile Proposals for "Short Listed" Proposals by Sept 14 E-mail
Oct. TC Completes technical review of Detailed Proposals T-Con
Oct. PC makes Final Selection of Proposals for this year Oct 24 T-Con
Nov. TC Profile development kickoff meeting Nov. 5-7 Chicago
Jan. TC Finalizes profile supplements for public comment Feb 4-7 Chicago
Feb. Publication of Public Comment Supplements (See Radiology 2007-2008 Supplements) March 5
Mar. Deadline for submission of public comments on profile supplements March 28
Mar./Apr. TC reconciles public comments Mar 31-Apr 2 Chicago
Apr. Publication of CPs for TFv9,0 - released for Ballot Apr 11
May Publication of Trial Implementation Supplements May 15
Jun. Publication of Final Text Technical Framework Aug 12, 2009
Jun. Publication of Scheduled Workflow II Use Cases for Public Comment June 30
Aug. Deadline for submission of public comments on Scheduled Workflow II Use Cases August 15
Jan. Test implementations at Connectathon Feb 23-27 Chicago