Radiology 2006-2007 Development Cycle

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Timeline : 2006-2007 Development Cycle

Timeframe Activity Scheduled Location
Aug. Submit Brief Profile Proposals to Planning Committee (PC) Sept 20 - Deadline E-mail
Sept. PC Selects "Short List" of Profiles Sept 21 10am T-Con
Oct. PC Selects Final Profiles Oct 19 0900-1730 Chicago
Nov. Profile development kickoff meeting (TC Meeting) Nov 06-08 Chicago
Jan. Profile development meeting: finalize supplements for public comment (TC) Jan 08-11 Chicago
Feb. Publication of Public Comment Supplements N/A
Mar. Deadline for submission of public comments of profile supplements N/A
Mar./Apr. Reconciliation of public comments received (TC Meeting) N/A Chicago
Apr. Publication of Trial Implementation Supplements N/A
Jun. Publication of Final Text Technical Framework (if appropriate)
Jan. Test implementations at Connectathon Jan 28-Feb 1 Chicago


IHE Radiology worked on possible updates in the area of Reporting.

The following Supplements were approved and folded into v8.0 of the Technical Framework.

The following IHE National Extensions will be folded into v8.0 of the Technical Framework:

Profile Selection

These Brief Profile Proposals were submitted for the 2006-2007 Development Cycle:

  • Reporting 2.0
  • Endoscopy
  • Mammography Workflow
  • Hanging Attributes
  • Multi-Study Acquisition
  • Enhanced CT/MR
  • Image Delivery

These Detailed Profile Proposals were short-listed and evaluated by the Technical Committee

  • Reporting 2.0
  • Mammography Workflow
  • Hanging Attributes
  • Multi-Study Acquisition
  • Enhanced CT/MR
  • Image Delivery

The workitems selected by the Planning Committee for this Cycle:

  • Mammography Workflow Profile
  • Reporting 2.0 Investigation - (documents are in the Reporting Taskforce folder on
  • TF Maintenance

Demonstrations & Presentations

Date Location Event Details
2006.11.26-30 Chicago, IL RSNA 2006 XDS-I Demo, TCE Demo, Educational Sessions
2007.04.13-15 Yokohama, Japan JRC2006/ITEM/CyberRad Demonstration
2007.04.14-17 Hollywood, FL Society for Breast Imaging MAMMO Demo, Educational Sessions
2007.05.16-19 Berlin Deutscher Röntgenkongress 2007 Live Demo: SWF, PDI, IRWF
2007.06.07-10 Providence, RI SIIM 2007 The conf formerly known as SCAR. SIIM University Session on IHE June 9th.
2007.06.11-13 Chicago, IL IHE North America Workshop Intro to IHE, User Experiences, Profile Tutorials, Vendor Outreach
2007.07.08-12 Orlando, FL AHRA 2007 Annual Mtg