Rad Tech Minutes 2023-01-05

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The following Submitted CPs were discussed during today’s RAD Tech CP call and are now Assigned as follows. These CPs are now in the Assigned folder and have been removed from the Submitted folder,

• CP-RAD-508 OBR Consistency for Modality - submitted by V. Nayak, assigned to Andrei Leontiev • CP-RAD-509 Study Date/Time mapping fro HL7 order messages - submitted by G. Zeilinger, assigned to Andrei Leontiev • CP-RAD-510 Correct Minor typos in IMR example - submitted by Steve Moore, assigned to Kinson Ho • CP-RAD-511 Fix Template Identifier for Result Trees in AIR - submitted by J. Riesmeier, assigned to Kevin O’Donnell; Kevin agrees with the proposed change and the change just needs to be reviewed by RAD Tech • CP-RAD-512 - AIR: Updates to Result Tree Node specification, submitted by J. Riesmeier, assigned to Kevin O’Donnell;

RAD Tech agreed to a slight change in CP processing. Prior to future CP calls, Andrei will pre-assign CP numbers.

The remainder of the Jan 5 agenda will be carried forward to next month’s RAD CP call.

The next RAD CP processing call will be Tuesday Feb 2 at 10am CST. We agreed to proceed with this call, even though RAD Tech meeting F2F the following week.