Rad Tech Minutes 2022-07-05

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  • IHE International Member Org Reps
    • Wim Corbijn
    • Chris Carr
    • Brad Genereaux
    • Kinson Ho
    • Andrei Leontiev
    • Peter Mildenberger
    • Kevin O'Donnell
    • Antje Schroeder
    • Khaled Younis
  • Guests/RSNA Staff
    • Nichole Knox
    • TeRhonda McGee


  • Interactive Multimedia Reporting (IMR) Final Review and Vote
    • Finished all the Volume 1 and transactions editing
    • Caught up on all the to-do items in the public comments
      • 2 outstanding
      • Updating research profiles to add imaging study and updating examples to use imaging selection and not using observation
  • Discussion w/DCC; need a more nuanced set of stages; time to take another look and see if we want to do the same in IHE. Put text on Title page explaining one of distinctions is in RAD, we've been sticking to strict TI. Really want you to implement and don't expect breaking changes. ITI has been taking a more open approach. NO promises from TI. May make changes and might expect frequent changes. For some implementers they may not implement until Final Text. Publish as TI, but add a statement on title page. Kevin will work with Kinson to develop this wording on the title page while Kinson completes the edits.
  • Decision:
    • Postpone vote until examples are ready for review (another week or so)
      • intention is to have update on examples ready by Wed/Thur this week
      • Lynn said she will review examples when back from vacation. David has been reviewing the text and sending feedback. For technical FHIR resource profiling, Kinson is working with Jonathan, Eliot and Sophie.
    • Add July 14, 10:30am-11:30am CT call to vote