Rad Tech Minutes 2022-04-07

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  • IHE Radiology Technical Committee Roster
    • IHE Member Organization Reps
  • Wim Corbijn
  • Kinson Ho
  • Andrei Leontiev
  • Chris Lindop
  • Steve Nichols
  • Antje Schroeder
  • Khaled Younis
    • Non-Voting
  • Lynn Felhofer
  • Nichole Knox


--> RAD CP Tracking Spreadsheet

(1) Process Newly Submitted CPs:

Link to Submitted folder on Google Drive

  • CPs in the Assigned folder and removed from Submitted
    • CP-RAD-474-Add-Series-Instance-Leve-Display-In-IID
      • Remain assigned to Kinson
    • CP-RAD-475-Add-Retrieve-Rendered-Images-in-WADO-RS
      • Remain assigned to Kinson
      • Kinson will make updates, move to the assigned folder, remove from submitted and discuss during the f2f meeting
    • CP-RAD-JM-Small mistakes in Storage Commitment (Note: This CP is out of date with revisions to RAD-10 in RAD TF Rev 20 and may be able to be cancelled)
      • Propose rejecting this CP
    • CP-RAD-476-CodeWhitePaper-outOfDate-statements
      • Assign to Kinson
    • CP-RAD-477-NMI-Card-fix-outOfDateCodes
      • Editorial updates to move to FT - assigned to TBD (editor would be identified during the F2F if we move this Supplement to FT). Andrei assigned to Lynn.
    • CP-RAD-478-Out-of-Date-DICOM-references
      • Assigned to Lynn
    • CP-RAD-479-RAD-60-reason-code-reference
      • Assign to Lynn; Check the MPPS Complete CP and do the same thing

  • Leave in Submitted
    • CP-RAD-xxx-MAWF-out-of-date-for RAD-13
    • CP-RAD-xxx-PWF really out of date
  • Cancelled
    • CP-RAD-451-FT-proposeToCancel

  • Rejected due to being a duplicate of Integrated CP
    • CP-RAD-RM-Small mistakes in Storage Commitment RAD-10

Didn't have time to review the rest of the agenda

  • CP-RAD-xxx-Vol2-No-MPI-out of date
  • CP-RAD-xxx-Vol4-newContactForIHE-F
  • CP-RAD-xxx-Update-RAD-108-Message-Semantics
  • CP-RAD-xxx-Vol1x-out-of-date
  • CP-RAD-DC-Code-WP-update
  • CP-RAD-DC-Vol2-Codes-update
  • CP-RAD-LF-EnterpriseIdentity-updates
  • CP-RAD-LF-Appx2x-fix

(2) Process Assigned CPs (time permitting):.

link to Assigned folder on Google Drive

  • CP-RAD-347-01 - XDS-I Vol 1 clean-up
  • CP-RAD-468-01-WIC-updateSecurityConsiderations
  • CP-RAD-343-01 - Consistency in specification of PID segment & references to MPI
    • -- a few points for cmte discussion
  • CP-RAD-368-01 - Update/Remove MIMA Referenced in Vol 1 TF (editorial)
    • -- ready for cmte review; could be ready for ballot
  • CP-RAD-436-02 - Fix inconsistencies in IOCM actor / transaction and grouping requirements
    • -- cmte input needed
  • CP-RAD-305-02 - Revise profile dependencies (grouping) in Vol 1)
    • -- cmte input needed
  • CP-RAD-410-02 - XCA-I is out of date for Async