Rad Tech Minutes 2021-06-30

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  • Wim Corbijn
  • Brad Genereaux
  • Nichole Knox
  • David Koff
  • Andrei Leontiev
  • Steven Nichols
  • Kevin O'Donnell
  • Antje Schroeder
  • Khaled Younis
  • Harald Zachmann


  • IHE Radiology Domain Retrospective Meeting Follow Up WebEx Recording
    • Retrospective dashboard
    • Action Items
      • Encourage open source implementations (facilitate CAT participation? Engage during authoring cycle? talk to Lynn first, Network with that community
      • Recruit test vendors (during proposal? authoring cycle? TI Publication? FT "prep"?) (Ask RadPlan to discuss, also DCC)
      • Pilot implementer feedback questions as a CAT test (per Steve's idea)(Draft during TI, and consider CP)(Maybe pilot CAM too?)
      • Add example/sample objects to development plan (Add to template for detailed effort; assign story points)(Assign workers assignees) (Might be hard for some artifacts)(Catalog/vet what we find)
      • Schedule final text/retirement discussion. Appoint Champion during effort estimate or during Kickoff? Prioritize current TI backlog.
      • Create progress tracker/ burndown chart to see when profile drifting off schedule (Pilot a Point Table with milestone columns, try some charts)
      • Plan for 5 day F2F w 6 hour days (like we did for Virtual) allowing shorter days and more work cycles with homework time
      • Find ways to encourage proposals to have smaller/tighter/focused scope (without lowballing the estimate) - Way to "modularize" profile development, "SOA service oriented architecture"