Rad Tech Minutes 2021-03-04

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Maintenance and CP agenda (10:00-11:00am CT)

  • Review active CPs:
    • CP-RAD-460 XCA-I Clarify IIG behavior in local community (Lynn) - please review two versions of the CP on the Google Drive:
      • CP-RAD-460-04 contains the proposed changes in Word change tracking
        • Identified minor changes (like reformatting a paragraph into bulleted list in couple of places. Saved the CP-RAD-460-05 with Word change tracking and comments made during today’s review.
      • CP-RAD-460-03 version of the same CP uses traditional CP markup in that section
    • CP-RAD-423 Add Specificity to IOCM (Kinson)
    • Ran out of time. Will add to next monthly CP call.
  • Review proposal for identification of next Top-10 CPs.
    • Total open CPs: 93
    • Oldest date of last updated: 2006-04-07
    • Number of CPs updated/assigned in 2019/2020: 22
    • Few CPs for the profiles that are final: SWF, XDS-I, PGP
    • Strategy 1: Review and cancel CPs that are older than 5 years (and decide if the respective profile needs to be retired/cancelled); then work from the reduced list focusing on the profiles that have priority.
    • Strategy 2: Identify TI profiles that have most CPs and work on them first with the goal to get profiles into Final Text
    • Strategy 3: Identify profiles as targets for retire/cancel or development and then work on CPS accordingly
      • General consensus is to look at profiles and any CPS that are new or active and work on. Start with affected profiles. Keep the top 10 CP list going.

AI Whitepaper Final Approval for Public Comment (11:00am-12:30pm CT)

  • AI Whitepaper
    • Final Approval (Vote)
    • Motion to approve as amended for Public Comment
  • Outreach for Public Comment Review
    • RIC - Chris R.
    • RSNA Informatics - Chris R.
    • ECR - Peter M (Kevin)
    • EuSoMii - Brad
    • JIRA - Kevin
    • SIIM ML - Brad/Kevin/Chris
    • SIIM Liaison/Hackathon - Brad
    • ACR/ACR DSC - Brian
    • MITA AI - Kevin
    • DICOM WG-23 - Brian, Kevin
    • DICOM WG-26 (Brian), WG-9 (Kevin), WG-derm-HL7 (ii, Opth, CDS, others) - Chris L, Jonathan W
    • ACC/DICOM WG-1 - Antje
    • Other IHE Domains - Chris R (Nichole/Chris C)
  • Methodologies
    • Blogs - ACR DSI breaking down the sections
    • Newsletters
    • Social media
    • Call to action/community engagement
  • Draft Email
    • Brad can draft, on Google Doc