Rad Tech Minutes 2020-08-06

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  • Lynn Felhofer
  • Kinson Ho
  • Nichole Knox
  • Andrei Leontiev
  • Maddie Mailly
  • Stephen Meyer
  • Steven Nichols
  • Antje Schroeder


  • IHE Rad CP Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Reviewed submitted CPs and assign:
    • CP-RAD-446: AIR Sample Data
    • Assigned to Kevin
  • CP-RAD-447: TID-1500 diagram
    • Assigned to Kevin
  • CP-RAD-445: Add note to Appendix A tables
    • Assigned to Kinson
  • Review assigned SWF.b CPs:
    • CP-RAD-433: Clarify Discontinuation reason codeset
      • Lynn will update rationale for change; DICOM has factored out PPS Discontinued Codes into CID9301 so we should point to that CID rather than 9300 which has been significantly expanded. It no longer applies as well to RAD-7.
      • Lynn will confirm with Damien and update offline.
  • Committee will review other assigned SWF.b CPs on the September 3rd call
    • CP-RAD-438 - SWF.b – Enterprise Identity Clarification for RAD-14 Matching & Return Keys (Andrei)
    • CP-RAD-422 - SWF.b Case 10 clarification
  • Review Assigned CPs:
    • CP-RAD-410 - XCA-I is out of date for Async and template (Lynn)
      • Lynn will review and make sure the changes align with what will be published in the new TF structure.
      • Lynn will send updated CP to Chris Lindop and ask if he will review offline
      • Lynn and Chris will review changes and provide update on next call
  • Reviewed IHE Radiology Change Proposal process using IHE Documents
    • Lynn gave a few updates and recommendations
    • Andrei will send email to IHE Radiology Domain and IHE DCC about changes effective immediately
  • Next call September 3, 2020
    • Nichole will send agenda and call reminder to committee on the Monday before each call.